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 Scuba Diving Tips  

1)      Think About It – What type of dives are you interested in? For example, if you are only interested in diving on vacation once or twice, you may want to look into “resort dives”. This is a great way to “test the waters” and see if SCUBA is something that you are serious about. Keep in mind that resort dives are usually in specific areas and you remain supervised at all times by a Dive Master. If you really enjoy it than you may want to take the next step…
2)      SCUBA – actually stands for “Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus”. To have the most enjoyable and safe experience, it is recommended you get certified but first you need to have the basics. You need to know how to swim and you will be tested on your swimming ability. Get in shape by doing cardiovascular exercise on a regular basis before dives.   Try yoga! One of the key elements of SCUBA is to stay calm and relaxed…
3)      Research - Before you choose your diving school do some research. Some are better than others and the wrong choice could cost you hundreds. The most popular dive schools are PADI and NAUI. They off the classroom portion, confined dives and the open water certification. (Some schools such as PADI offer the classroom portion online which you have 1 year to complete).
4)      What are the Costs? – Be aware up front that scuba is an expensive hobby. If you go with a school such as PADI their eLearning Open Water Dive course is currently $120US. Once you have completed the knowledge portion there will be an additional fee to complete the five confined water dives and four open water training dives with your PADI Instructor. 
5)       Purchasing Gear - If you are thinking about getting your own gear beware of buying online. You may not be happy with your purchases and all the gear could cost you hundreds. Be aware that the gear you need may vary depending on where you dive, as an example tropical waters vs. cold water dives. If you want to be sure and “try before you buy” the best option will be a dive shop. 
6)      Find a Buddy – Scuba is an exciting, adrenaline pumping sport, but with that excitement there is an element of danger. A best practice is to buddy up with someone you trust on dives. You will be able to watch out for each other and notify other parties in case of an emergency. When you are 60 feet or more underwater it’s nice to know someone who cares is nearby!
7)      Have Fun! – Scuba courses are a fantastic way to meet new friends. Go with an open mind and a friendly demeanour and you will make the most of your scuba experience! Remember it won’t be long before you are diving in the amazing and majestic open water!