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Oahu Tour & Travel
If you're a first time visitor to Hawaii, the island of Oahu is typically where you might begin to explore all that Hawaii has to offer. Oahu also known as the gathering island is the most popular island for visitors. Hawaii's capital, Honolulu, is on this vibrant island. Honolulu, the capitol city, has much to offer with respect to museums, restaurants, activities, and shopping. Most of these venues are scattered around Honolulu, which means a rental car is in order if you plan on making visits to these locations the focus of your stay. Honolulu's public transit system--The Bus--is an affordable alternative to a rental car, but you can expect to spend some valuable vacation time waiting for the bus or walking between it and your ultimate destination. Oahu's major features are its two parallel mountain ranges, the Waianae Range on the west or drier leeward coast and the Ko'olau Range on the east or rainier windward coast. These were once two separate islands, joined by intense volcanic activity. The state's most recognized landmark is Mount Leahi, a 760-foot extinct volcanic crater better known as Diamond Head, located at the end of Waikiki. The island of Oahu covers over 600 square miles and has over 110 miles of white sand beaches, it is also the third largest of the Hawaiian Islands. The population is over 850,000 people. King Kamehameha, who was born under mysterious circumstances grew up as a child among men in the Waipio Valley on the Island of Hawaii, he earned the name "the lonely one" and would rose to be the most glamorous figures in Hawaiian history. In 1810 King Kamehameha the Great united all the Hawaiian Islands into one kingdom. Not only did he unite the islands under one supreme rule, but he also established himself as a fierce warrior and a wise and compassionate leader to his people. Kamehameha moved to Oahu once he had united all the islands.
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