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Molokai Dive Sites
Molokai is home to the world's highest sea cliffs and is aptly named with its west end, dry and barren or "molo" in Hawaiian, and its east end, with steep-walled valleys and lush green jungles, facing the sea or "kai". The army of Kamehameha the Great conquered the island on the Pakuhiwa Battleground on the South Shore but, other than that, the history of Molokai is generally one of quiet solitude. Even when missionary families began arriving in the early 19th century, Molo... [More]
Please Note: Each of the dive sites below are rate with the minimum diving level that should have been achieved before attempting to dive this site.
Rating: A = Advanced, I = Intermediate, O/W = OpenWater, B = Beginner
East Max Depth Access Rating Reviews
Fish Bowl 40-60 feet Boat 0 0   [Write Review]
Fish Rain 100ft / 30.5m Boat 5 1   [Write Review]
The Cove 20-100 feet Boat 0 0   [Write Review]
Hole In The Wall 20-120 feet Boat 0 0   [Write Review]