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Lanai Tour & Travel
The island of Lanai, Hawaii's most exclusive island, is remote from the pressures of the outside world, a place where relaxation is always accompanied by the pleasures of the good life. Its ideal weather rivals the best in the world. The island was once the home of the world's largest pineapple plantation, which encompassed 19,000 acres. In recent years, Dole Food Company, which owns 98 percent of the island, has been moving the island's economy from pineapple to tourism. The island's two resorts now employ most residents, The Lodge at Koele and The Manele Bay Hotel. About 100 acres continue to be used for pineapple, but only to supply the local hotels and the community. Much of the charm of the island lies in its lack of traffic lights (and traffic jams), its laid-back lifestyle and friendly islanders who wave as they pass you on the street. Hospitality on the island is most friendly and gracious, surpassed perhaps only by the unspoiled beauty of the island scenery. From the cool mountain countryside of Koele to the resort living close to the shoreline at the Manele Bay, this island is pure paradise at either temperature.
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