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Getting To Hawaii

There are only two ways to get to Hawaii, by ship or by plane. All major US airlines and many international carriers fly direct to Honolulu International Airport, with several also offering direct services to the Big Island, Kauai and Maui. Usually the first part of planning your trip to Hawaii will involve booking airfare. Unless your frequent flier program restricts you to one airline, shopping around can save you a fortune. Visiting your local travel agent is probably of the easiest ways of booking your airfare or with the internet already at your fingertips you may prefer do it online. If you know your travel plans well in advance you will have the most options open to you, but sometimes last minute opportunities open up and you just want to get away from it all. Checking the specific airline websites or by using one of the many on-line booking services such as Cheaptickets, Orbitz or Expedia. Search multiple travel sites for deals and comparison-shopping engines, which allow you to sample several airline and agency sites simultaneously. If you decide to come to Hawaii by ship, there are several cruise companies that sail to Hawaii throughout the year and offer a variety of priced trips to suit every budget or maybe you prefer to fly to Hawaii and cruise home.

Carrier Name Domestic Number Int'l Number Internet Address
American Airlines 1.800.433.7300   aa.com
Continential Airlines 1.800.525.0280 1.800.231.0856 continental.com
Delta Airlines 1.800.221.1212 1.800.241.4141 delta.com
Hawaiian Airlines 1.800.367.5320   hawaiianair.com
NorthWest Airlines 1.800.225.2525   nwa.com
Trans World Airways 1.800.221.2000   twa.com
United Airlines 1.800.241.6522 1.800.538.2929 ual.com
Air Canada 1.800.776.3000 1.888.247.2262 aircanada.com
Air New Zealand 1.800.262.1234   airnz.com
Japan Airlines 1.800.525.3663   japanair.com
All Nippon Airways 1.800.235.9262   ana.com
Philippine Airlines 1.800.435.9725   philippineair.com
China Airlines 1.800.227.5118   china-airlines.com
Qantas Airways 1.800.227.4500   qantasusa.com
Korean Airlines 1.800.438.5000   koreanair.com