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Underwater Photography

If you are planning on taking underwater photos while you are diving or snorkeling in Hawaii you will need to invest in a waterproof camera. Underwater cameras can be a simple as a disposable waterproof camera which cost around $10 or you could spend thousands of dollars on something much more sophisticated. Before you buy any equipment you should consider what type of photos you will be taking and how often you will be taking underwater photographs. An alternative to getting an underwater camera is to buy housing unit instead, this is basically a watertight casing, which houses the camera and lets you use a regular or digital camera for underwater purposes. Whichever type of camera or casing you buy you will need to remember that they need to be maintained properly and after every time you dive. As an underwater photographer, there will be a wide range of photographic opportunities waiting for you, from close-ups of tiny creatures to wide reef scenes or large animals. One thing to remember when taking underwater photographs is to get as close as possible to your subject to minimize the degrading effects of the watery environment on light and the image.