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Hawaiian Marine Life
The warm waters surrounding Hawaii are home to an incredible number fish, coral and mammal species. Due to the archipelago's isolation, approximately 30% of the reef fish are endemic to Hawaii (found nowhere else in the world). These unique creatures along with fascinating coral's and lava formations are what making diving in Hawaii so special.
Visitors to the Waikiki Aquarium can see an amazing variety of marine life from the tropical Pacific and Hawaii. The Aquarium is home to over 2,500 animals representing more than 420 species and is especially proud of its reputation of excellence in coral reef exhibitory.
On Maui we recommend visiting the Maui Ocean Center for a journey of discovery through the extraordinary underwater world that lies beyond Hawaii's surf-ringed shores - from the complex beauty of the Living Reef, to the vast, blue realm of the Open Ocean.
Hawaiian FishHawaiian fish - There are about 566 species of shore fishes in Hawaii, here are some of the fish you are likely to see on your dive vacation to Hawaii. This is just a sample of what you can expect to see.
Venomous Marine LifeVenomous Marine life - Hawaii's waters are much safer than the tropical waters of the South Pacific. However we do have a few animals that can bite and may do if they feel threatened or cornered.
Humpback WhaleThe Big Guys - every year the waters of Hawaii are visited by the Humpback Whales, but we also have our year round large sea creatures, like sharks, manta rays, dolphins, sperm whales, pilots whales, turtles and monk seals.
Hawaiian CoralsHawaiian Corals - Hawaii's coral reefs are very unique grow as little as 1/4 inch per year and are prone to damage by anchors, swimmers, and divers. Please take care to avoid touching living corals.