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History of Scuba Diving - Books
These books cover a variety of topics on the history of scuba diving, while some go back to ancient times, others cover more recent times and cave diving history. These books and other books are availabe to purchase at www.DivingGuideBooks.com. If you have any other titles that you can recommend that we should feature here please contact us.

Pictorial History of DivingPictorial History of Diving
By; Barbara M. Desiderati, Arthur J. Bachrach
A Pictorial History of Diving provides a lavishly illustrated, brief, but comprehensive review of diving history, from early breath-hold diving and primitive diving bells to modern developments like ROV's and the Newtsuit. Unlike many other books on the subject, it also includes information on underwater habitats and recreational gear. An excellent photo section on early dive helmets rounds out the history and provides some fuel for the imagination. A beautiful full-color coffee-table book.

Darkness Beckons: The History and Development of Cave Diving
By; Martyn Farr
This profusely illustrated book, written by one of Britain's leading cave divers, is a spectacular introduction to the world's most dangerous sport. The Darkness Beckons describes the techniques and fascinating history of cave diving from the first known cave dive in 1878 with the familiar globe shaped helmet, heavy boots, and sturdy air lines fed by surface pumps, to the sophisticated rebreather systems used by divers today. This internationally comprehensive book includes stories from the United States, France, Switzerland, The West Indies, Mexico, South Africa, UK, and Australia. This new book includes both historical anecdotes and accounts of the most interesting recent dives. It is a chronicle of outstanding sporting endeavor, as yet little known outside an elite specialist world, but sure to inspire anyone with a taste for adventure.

Shipwrecks: Diving the Graveyard of the AtlanticShipwrecks: Diving the Graveyard of the Atlantic, 2nd
by Roderick M. Farb
Rod Farb, a PADI divemaster with decades of diving experience, has led innumerable dive trips to the wrecks off the North Carolina Coast. Shipwrecks is the chronicle of his underwater adventures diving the 'Graveyard of the Atlantic.' Now, this acknowledged classic is in its second edition, with over 100 new pages of additional information. Farb's accounts of eight new wreck dives have been added, along with an extensive description of the expedition dive of the great Civil War ship the U.S.S. Monitor. Divers and historians will find this completely revised and updated second edition, with almost 80 near shore and offshore wreck sites, to be the best volume on shipwrecks in the regions. This edition of Shipwrecks features: A comprehensive overview of each wreck, instructions for diving from both a boat and the beach, vivid descriptions of Rod Farb's underwater adventures, masterful underwater photographs and illustrations as well as appendixes with information about underwater photography, charter dive services, the divers alert network, and state and federal statutes governing underwater salvage.

By, Robert F. Marx
This is an exciting title from the author of more than 45 books, numerous scientific reports, articles, and films. Written with great enthusiasm, the author captures the history of diving in the Old World and continues through current high-tech treasure diving. The book reaches into history to describe events from the beginning of diving and includes many antique drawings depicting divers of a bygone era, their trials, adventures, and inventions. Also includes extensive chapters on underwater archaeology and sunken treasure.

Scuba Diving Explained: Questions and AnswersScuba Diving Explained: Questions and Answers on Physiology and Medical Aspects of Scuba Diving
By, Lawrence Martin
This book is written for the recreational diver who wishes to learn more about medical and physiologic aspects of scuba diving. Some information in this book will no doubt challenge myths or misconceptions held by many recreational divers. For people who prefer to browse I have made a list of some common myths and misconceptions; they are in the form of statements, with sections where each subject is mentioned or discussed.

By, Robert H. Davis
A detailed manual on the history of diving dating back to the early 1800's, it has become a classic work. Published in a limited edition series, this is a wonderful reproduction of diving and underwater exploration. A cornucopia of diving facts, history, figures and anecdotes. Handsomely presented in a two volume set, with embossed covers, and protected by a slipcase. A collector's item for serious divers.