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Turtle Canyon / Koko Craters
Island Name : Oahu
Dive Zone : South
Depth : 30-40 feet
Access : Boat
Location : South Shore
Visibility : 60-80 feet
Level : Beginner
Sealife : Green Sea Turtles, coral, reef fish, octopus
Water Temperature : 70/75 F, 21/24 C from November to April
75/80 F, 24/27 C from May to October
This dive site is located in Maunalua Bay and is one of the best sites to see turtles. You can expect to see several large turtles on a single dive. They often rest on the bottom or on the lava ledges that extend over the sand. The turtles are used to divers and photographers can get close and take all the pictures they way. The lava ridges contain numerous pukas, overhangs, and ledges that also host a variety of critters and are worth exploring with a dive light.

Diver Reviews:    (Write Review)
Reviewed By: Paul, Oahu on April 27,2012 (rating 5/5)
A great dive lots of huge turtles resting and getting cleaned by all the little fish. We coaxed a little octopus out of his hole. He was pretty friendly he didn't squirt any ink at us. Great visibility! We got lots of great pics!
Visibility: 100 feet Access: Boat Skill level: Beginner

Reviewed By: Jason S, Oahu on February 25,2012 (rating 5/5)
Im not sure the other reviewer was in the right spot? Living here I dove this spot several times and love it! Crystal clear water, bunches of fish and turtles everywhere! I never dove this site and seen less than 5 turtles. Last dive there I was working on some skills with a dive master and I had a turtle parked 4 feet away watching us! The only draw back of this dive site is its very popular. Youll be surrounded by envious snorkelers!
Visibility: 100 FEET Access: Boat...bit of a swim from the shore! Skill level: Beginner

Reviewed By: Jim Osterhaus, Oahu on April 19,2011 (rating 1/5)
This site is lousy. Only sand-almost devoid of coral and few fish.
Visibility: 25 ft Access: boat Skill level: Intermediate