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Sea Tiger
Island Name : Oahu
Dive Zone : South
Depth : 80 - 120 feet
Access : Boat
Location : South Shore
Visibility : 60 - 100ft
Level : Intermediate to Advanced
Sealife : wreck, Reef fish, eels, Occasional Reef Shark
Water Temperature : 70/75 F, 21/24 C from November to April
75/80 F, 24/27 C from May to October
This 168-foot vessel was sunk in 1999 as an artificial reef. Marine life and growth is still in the early stages. This wreck offers penetration through its cargo holds, passageways and stairwells surrounding the outer portion of the ship. Exploration of the inner cabins and passageways is restricted by means of welded barriers. The Sea Tiger is visited daily by Atlantis Submarines. For added safety, it is highly recommended that divers stay clear of the submarine and pay particular attention when transiting between the surface and the wreck. Although this wreck is relatively new, it has already attracted numerous species of fish including, squirrelfish and filefish, along with visits from morays and occasional reef sharks.

Diver Reviews:    (Write Review)
Reviewed By: Kevin, Oahu on July 11,2018 (rating 5/5)
Did deep dive at the Sea Tiger in Late May and then again on July 4th. Great Dive and completed my Advance Course. Viz was great both times. Saw spotted eels, sea turtles, urchins, and a white tip shark both times. I also saw a humongous Sea Turtle just hanging out on the top of the Sea Tiger. I would go back again.
Visibility: 70 Access: Boat Skill level: Intermediat to Advanced

Reviewed By: Jon Hines, Oahu on July 07,2012 (rating 5/5)
Did a double deep dive at the Sea Tiger on 7/6/12 with Oahu Shore Dives. Had a great time! Viz was 80' and water temp was 76. Completed my PADI Adv Open Water cert. Did a few swim throughs. Saw trumpet fish, spotted eels, sea turtles, starfish, urchins, and lots of other species that I don't know. Even had a couple of dolphin swimming around the dive boat on the way in. It was awesome!
Visibility: 80 Access: boat Skill level: Intermediate

Reviewed By: Troy, Oahu on August 09,2011 (rating 5/5)
Dove this site Sat and Sun morning this weekend for AOW class. Had a great time and look forward to going back! Viz was about 75' both days with temp of 77 degrees.
Visibility: 75 feet Access: Boat Skill level: Intermediate/Advanced

Reviewed By: Peter Garlick, Oahu on October 25,2010 (rating 5/5)
Fantastic dive and professionally led by Michael from Waikiki Dive Center - excellent viz and clean penetrations - 9hrs flight well worth the dive! And Mike's photos/videos are really amazing!! Cheers peterg
Visibility: 20m Access: Boat Skill level: Beginner/Intermediate

Reviewed By: Jason Swanson, Oahu on February 22,2010 (rating 5/5)
This is a fun wreck to visit either in daylight or at night! I have dove the Sea Tiger about 7 times and usually find a new thrill on this dive. I found a medium sized (2 feet in length) octopus clinging to a deck rail, and have seen quite a few large yel
Visibility: 70-110 ft Access: Boat Skill level: Intermediate/Advanced