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Makaha Caverns
Island Name : Oahu
Dive Zone : West
Depth : 30 - 45 feet
Access : Boat / Shore
Location : West Shore
Visibility : 50-100 feet
Level : Beginner - Intermediate
Sealife : Large school of ta'ape cluster near main entrance, octopus, several species of eels, White Tip Reef
Water Temperature : 70/75 F, 21/24 C from November to April
75/80 F, 24/27 C from May to October
This is one of Oahu's most popular dive site and is a superb shallow water dive located 100 yards of Kepuhi Point. The V-Shaped verging of two open-ended lava tubes forms Makaha Caverns. The topography is very flat, giving the spacious room a more geometric, man-made look. Outside the cavern, the site spreads over a large area. Working seaward, the coral thins out - but the pockets are home to octopus, and several species of eels. The site also has five resident turtles and this adds to the already abundant photographic opportunities. These are, in turn, accentuated by transiting dolphins and an occasional manta ray. This dive site is a great spot for a night dive and the look of this site changes dramatically with artificial light.

Diver Reviews:    (Write Review)
Reviewed By: Robert Magee, Oahu on January 03,2014 (rating 4/5)
Enjoyed this dive. One of my favorite things to do is swim throughs and caverns. You get both here. Saw some cool small creatures here. You gotta look close for those. Also saw a lizard fish for the first time. Not too much color but a fun dive none the less. This time of year, the sea is a little rough but it was smooth down below.
Visibility: 50 Access: Boat Skill level: Advanced

Reviewed By: AJ, Oahu on August 29,2011 (rating 4/5)
A long swim, apx 250 yds out. Most folks don't get that far out. If you don't it appears dead and lifeless. If you get all the way out it is beautiful with caverns, small caves and swim throughs. Once cavern is 40ft long, awesome! Turtle cleaning station on a large rock. Deepest is 45 ft.
Visibility: 40-50 Access: Shore or Boat Skill level: Beginner

Reviewed By: Rodney Price, Oahu on February 22,2010 (rating 3/5)
So-so dive site with lots of rubble and not much color. Worth doing only if you are burnt out on E-beach and want to do something different... If you are going to drive that far from the city, then go to the North Shore instead.
Visibility: 50ft Access: Shore Skill level: Beginner