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Land of OZ
Island Name : Oahu
Dive Zone : West
Depth : 20-70 feet
Access : Boat / Shore
Location : West Shore
Visibility : 50-100 feet
Level : Beginner - Intermediate
Sealife : Variety of tropical fish endemic to Hawaii, lobster and turtles
Water Temperature : 70/75 F, 21/24 C from November to April
75/80 F, 24/27 C from May to October
Further North from Makaha is the Land of Oz, named after a hard-core Australian diver, Ozzie. He insisted on diving in adverse weather conditions and this led to the discovery of this site. This dive is essentially the same type of dive as Makaha, except the tubes and archways are smaller, but more plentiful. Not having much in the way of sealife, the topography is the main drawing card. The reef formation runs parallel to the shore in 20-70 feet. A ravine runs perpendicular to shore and then the south side turns into a wall that drops to a cave at 65-70 feet. Besides a variety of tropicals, it is a good site for lobster and sighting turtles. Immediately north, along the Keaau Ledge, are a couple of sites with variations of the same basic topography, which inspire their names - Outside Makaha, Four Arches and Tube Two. The sites range from 20 to 70 feet, and almost always yield octopus to the sharp-eyed searcher.

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