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Electric Beach
Island Name : Oahu
Dive Zone : West
Depth : 10 - 30ft
Access : Shore
Location : West Shore
Visibility : 40 - 60ft
Level : Beginner
Sealife : spotted moray eels, turtles, spinner dolphins, Moorish idols, coral
Water Temperature : 70/75 F, 21/24 C from November to April
75/80 F, 24/27 C from May to October
This is a great shore dive and it got the name "Electric Beach" from the electric plant that is located across the street. Entry and exit is by a sand/rock path near the showers and restrooms to the beach. To the right of the entry/exit "channel" is a fenced wall that contains the water supply for the electrical plant. To the left are rock ledges and cliffs. Be careful of the protruding rock formations inside the channel. The based of this dive site is mostly sand and large coral heads close to shore and rock and coral reefs further out. In approximately 30-40 feet of water you will find the huge submerged exhaust water tubes for the electrical plant. The turbulent water action these tubes make is clearly visibly from the surface and shoreline. A note of caution, these tubes put out tremendous amount of rapid flowing heated water, be very careful. A diver could easily be shot to the surface at an alarming rate. Do not attempt to go in front of the tubes unless you are with someone who is familiar with the area. Other then that, the back portion of the tube is perfectly safe to explore. It is covered with a large abundance of coral growth and inhabited by many species of tropical fish. To the left of the tubes, you will find large covered areas of coral, small caves and over hangings. Eel's of all different types often make their homes in the holes "puka's" that carpet the coral. The downside to Electric Beach is the problem with theft. It is strongly recommended that you bring along a beach watch or make sure you do not leave any valuables in your vehicle. Even in paradise we have our problems, but don't let this spoil a great day of diving!

Diver Reviews:    (Write Review)
Reviewed By: Tim Morgan, Oahu on March 14,2013 (rating 4/5)
I would call this a "snorkel" site more than a dive site. It's an easy swim from the shore and shallow enough to enjoy via snorkeling. It's a relatively small area so there's no point to pay for rental gear. The exception would be if you own your own gear and are only paying for air or if you are athletically below average. I say that because the waves break at 6-8 foot height. If you're a good swimmer you can swim past the break in only 2-3 waves. But if you're a weak swimmer, you may prefer to be under the break rather than taking the full force at the surface.
Visibility: 30 Access: shore Skill level: Beginner

Reviewed By: Lucien, Oahu on October 09,2010 (rating 4/5)
Nice Dive. Entry is next to power plant. Leave nothing in your car. Lots of dive shops do their open water certification here so it is usually crowded.
Visibility: 30-40 Access: Shore Skill level: Beginner

Reviewed By: Micah Hebert, Oahu on February 22,2010 (rating 5/5)
This is, without a doubt, THE shore dive to check out on O'ahu. With abundant fish and coral, along with almost garaunteed turtle sightings, I would highly suggest it to anyone willing to treck the quarter mile it takes to reach the pipe's end. Also, rela
Visibility: 40-80ft Access: Shore Skill level: Beginner

Reviewed By: Rodney Price, Oahu on February 22,2010 (rating 4/5)
Best easy dive site on Oahu, IMHO. Lots of fish and marine life, nice facilities, etc... Don't leave anything worth owning in your car! Also, I've never been over 28' at this site and I dive this site all the time.
Visibility: 40-80ft Access: Shore Skill level: Beginner