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Island Name : Maui
Dive Zone : North West Shore
Depth : 35ft / 11m
Access : Boat / Shore
Location : To Be Entered
Visibility : To Be Entered
Level : To Be Entered
Sealife : To Be Entered
Water Temperature : To Be Entered

Diver Reviews:    (Write Review)
Reviewed By: Jill, Maui on December 12,2012 (rating 2/5)
I'm sorry I thought I reviewed Mala Wharf on my last review for Olowalu. But for this site I have dove 3 times and it is famous for rays but I have never seen them here. Really shallow and pretty boring.
Visibility: 20ft Access: boat/shore Skill level: beginner

Reviewed By: Jill, Maui on December 12,2012 (rating 5/5)
One of my favorite dives on the west side. If you enter to the right of the boat ramp be sure that the police don't ticket you, they usually hang out ready to pounch. Enterence on the left side of the pier can be hairy because of rocks and low tide a long walk out in shallow water, This is a great night dive but be sure you have a flag because there is a lot of boat traffic at night from local fisherman.
Visibility: 30ft Access: boat/ shore Skill level: all