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Black Rock
Island Name : Maui
Dive Zone : North West Shore
Depth : 25-30 feet
Access : Shore
Location : North West Shore
Visibility : 50+ feet
Level : Beginner - Intermediate
Sealife : Crown of Thorns Sea Stars, Filefish and Scorpion Fish
Water Temperature : 70/75 F, 21/24 C from November to April
75/80 F, 24/27 C from May to October
This dive site is located near the Sheraton Hotel on Ka'anapali Beach and has a very easy entry/exit point via a sandy shallow beach. The lava rock formation supports a wide variety of fish that frequent the area due to snorkelers feeding them all day long. There are a lot of turtles, moray eels and even the occasionally Eagle Ray has been seen passing by. This rock extends about 50 feet above the ocean and drops to depths of 35 feet. Occasionally a large turtle may be found sleeping in the cave by the back wall. This is an excellent night dive for all levels of divers and it is possible to see Spanish Dancers, cowries and lobster. This is one of the most popular shore dives on West Maui and should not be missed.

Caution: Watch out for boat traffic and strong currents outside of the cove.

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Reviewed By: Mike Brosnan, Maui on April 01,2012 (rating 4/5)
Very fun site. Snorkeling is as good as scuba here, but the best fun is to take a good light and make it a night dive. Parking is not cheap in the hotel lot, but Whaler's Village is close. Make a familiarization dive during the afternoon, get some food, then come back for the night portion. Around dusk, goatfish by the hundreds will line up in formation, as they like to use their "whiskers" to sneak up on prey in the dark. The day fish either go doze or change coloration. You can see many fish, eels out foraging (the white ones are congers), and octopus. Shine your light around, watch for orangish sparks...those are shrimp eyes! There are open air showers on the beach.
Visibility: 30 to 50 Access: Shore Skill level: Beginner