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Tunnels Reef & Beach
Island Name : Kauai
Dive Zone : North
Depth : 65 feet
Access : Boat
Location : North Shore
Visibility : 10 - 65ft
Level : Beginner - Intermediate
Sealife : Wrasse, trigger fish, rabbit fish, trumpet fish, tangs, moray eels, green sea turtle
Water Temperature : 70/75 F, 21/24 C from November to April
75/80 F, 24/27 C from May to October
Tunnels Beach is a fantastic snorkeling and diving spot on the North Shore just past Hanalei near the Ha’ena Beach Park. There is an inner and an outer reef, with the inner reef running up to the shore and the outer horseshoe shaped reef about 60 yards offshore. There is an amazing variety of reef fish and normally green sea turtles can found here. The water is calm on the inner right side of the reef making it an excellent spot for new divers and snorkeling. On the left side where the reef slopes to 60 feet you will find lava formations, tunnels and caverns recommend for the more advanced divers.

Please note: Please use extra caution during the winter months due when surf conditions are high. There is a very limited amount of parking space at this beach so you should arrive early or park at Ha’ena Beach and walk from there.

Diver Reviews:    (Write Review)
Reviewed By: josh K., Kauai on December 24,2010 (rating 5/5)
awsome lava formaton! Great shore dive no boat needed. In low tide you walk out about a hundred yards and dive. Many cracks and cravases to explore. Space ship tunnel is awsome! Black Tips if u go early enough!!!
Visibility: 40-80 feet Access: Shore/boat either Skill level: All skill levels. Mostly Intrermediate

Reviewed By: Courtney, Kauai on February 18,2010 (rating 4/5)
Wonderful underwater topography, but curiously few fish and other wildlife. Go for the neat tunnels and swim-throughs, not the abundance of wildlife.
Visibility: 30-50ft Access: Shore Skill level: Beginner